Custom Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads

Do you or anyone you know have issues falling asleep or staying asleep due to any of the below:

If so, don’t worry, you could say, “We’ve got you covered!”

Our weighted blanket provide a treatment called “deep touch pressure”.  This deep touch pressure initiates a release of hormones and encourages the body to relax or rest.

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What we have to offer…

We have a multitude of fabric to choose from when building your blanket.  YOU choose the weight of your blanket using the guidelines in our Q&A blog.  Also, we offer FREE embroidery of the owner’s name, nickname, or pet name in one of the square sections of the blanket.  This also give you the option, if you’re a warmer person, to choose a fabric that remains cooler throughout use.

All of our blankets and lap pads are machine washable (bedding setting) and dryable (low heat).  This sets our blankets apart from other blankets by allowing us to offer blankets without covers to remove and wash.  This provides a more sanitary situation for your beautiful new weighted blanket.

Some common questions…

A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket that provides a treatment called “deep touch pressure”.  Think of it as a hug that is controlled by the user.

We use any combination of cotton, flannel, and minky fabrics to create the outside of the blanket.  The blanket is filled with poly-fill and hypoallergenic heat resistant beads (this allows them to go in the dryer!). Be sure to see our page on selecting a blanket for some insight on the options for your blanket.

This deep touch pressure encourages the release of hormones in the body to relax or rest.

Our blankets are machine washable and dry-able.  In fact, we wash our own weekly.  We recommend washing them on a bedding cycle and drying them on low heat.  One of our customers recommends putting them in the dryer every night before you head to bed when it’s cold outside!

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