Go Gold in September

          Today, as we begin the month of September, we want to talk to you about something no one wants to talk about.  Childhood cancer. It is a terrifying, heart-breaking, devastating topic. It is the unthinkable that must be thought in order to raise awareness.

       The entire country goes pink every October for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Products are purchased yearlong to benefit breast cancer research and prevention.  For most people that aren’t impacted by childhood cancer, it is unknown that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  It is up to all of us to change that.

       Every day, more than 40 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer.  There is little to no understanding what causes most of these instances of cancer.  Children with cancer receive different medical treatments than adults do. Some children have lifelong effects from their treatments.  That is the better case scenario.

Photo Credit: Joe Del Vecchio Photo Credit: Joe Del Vecchio

       On May 11, 2012, my brother’s niece, Emily, left this world after a year and a half long battle with osteosarcoma.  I’m not going to go into details of her struggle. I want to tell you about her, her contribution to childhood cancer, and why we’ve selected her charity, Cheers From Emily, to donate to this month.

Emily was a daughter, sister of two brothers, and a talented cheerleader who was loved by all who met her.  With the sweetest smile and happy personality, she truly cared about others. While she was going through treatments, she found her extended hospital stays mundane.  Instead of trying to solve her own problem, she introduced the idea to raise money to gift other children with cancer tablets to keep in touch with friends and family during their hospital stays.

Photo Credit: Joe and Lori Del Vecchio Photo Credit: Joe and Lori Del Vecchio

Despite losing their own daughter, her parents, Joe and Lori, continued to advocate for childhood cancer. They participate in St. Baldrick’s 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave, traveled to Washington and Relay for Life. They traveled to Washington to advocate for childhood cancer. Last but not least, they carried out Emily’s vision, running Cheers From Emily and bringing a smile to the faces of other children battling cancer. 

This September, we are making discounted weighted products in gold and pink. Gold is the color of the childhood cancer awareness and pink was Emily’s favorite color. 10% of all products sold will go to Cheers From Emily in honor of the 10 years of joy she brought to the world.

ChildhoodCancerTopFabrics ChildhoodCancerbBottomFabrics

Ordering a Go Gold Awareness Blanket

  • Pick your top fabric from the photo on the left
  • Pick your bottom fabric from the photo on the left
  • Pick a size/weight (all weights can be changed for $5-$6 per lb to accommodate)
  • Decide whether or not you’d like complimentary embroidery. 
  • *Shipping is included
  • Contact us to get your order started

This deal is valid through 09/30/19.

All blankets ordered with this deal are eligible for the One For Me, One For You Christmas blanket giveaway.  See the Charitable Work tab for more information.

Don’t be afraid to share this blog post.  We have to talk about childhood cancer.  We have to be aware in order to advocate.

Feel free to stop by Cheers From Emily on their website or on Facebook.

Read more about Emily.


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