Inventory and Custom Weighted Blankets

Inventory and Custom Weighted Blankets & a Spooky Good Deal

Why do we maintain an inventory AND offer custom fabric selection for weighted blankets?


Puzzle pieces weighted blanket fabric.

The answer is simple.

We want to be able to give everyone their ideal weighted blanket.

Whether you’re motivated by price, the feeling of the fabric, or the content of the fabric, we want you to know that we are here to meet your needs.

We get requests from mothers, desperate to get their children to sleep, spouses of military members suffering from PTSD, and general requests looking for fabrics they have not found anywhere else.

Custom Selection

Custom Weighted Blanket


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Budget Vs. Style

When pricing is a motivating factor in purchasing a weighted blanket, many of our customers tend to choose from our inventory fabrics.  These are fabrics that we were able to obtain at discounted rates, allowing us to extend the discount on to our customers.

The green pricing above applies to all the weighted blankets in our Shop.  Be sure to check out the My Perfect Blanket page to learn how to select a blanket that meets your preferences.

Customers often come to us to find fabrics that are appealing to their personal preference.  When we search for fabrics, we are often unable to get the same discounted rates as we do with our inventory fabrics.  (However, when we do, we pass them on to you!)

The blue pricing above applies to custom fabric requests. If you’d like to place an order, check out our My Perfect Blanket page and contact us so we can work with you to pick out the fabrics of your choice.

Our Spooky Good Halloween Deal

As October is coming to an end, we’d like to give everyone a chance at last minute entries for our One For Me, One For You giveaway.  All weighted blankets purchased through October 31, 2019 earn an entry to our giveaway.  Two winners will be able to gift a 5′ weighted blanket (up to 8 lbs.) as a Christmas gift to a person of their choice.

Since Halloween is our favorite of all holidays, we’re raising the stakes for the deal of this week.  Through October 31, 2019, take 50% off all blankets in our shop with coupon code happyhalloween.

A Peek at All Items Currently in Stock

Love our inventory prices but don’t see any inventory fabrics that you like?  Drop a comment, write us an e-mail, text, or Facebook message with your suggestions of items you’d like to see us carry.  We are always interested in what our customers like and are always excited to hear from you.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

– Ryne & Justin

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