Weighted Blankets Q&A And 40% Off

Character2 Q: Why in the world is everyone talking about weighted blankets? Weighted blankets are blankets filled with beads to provide deep pressure. They help soothe a variety of conditions, mainly conditions that affect the sensory system, sleep regulation, and psychological well-being. Q: Why are they more expensive than regular blankets? They require more materials to make.  Fabric + beads + soft filling inside = weighted blanket.  Fabric + soft inside = regular blanket.  They also take a bit more time to make when they are made properly. Q: Why are there different length and weight options? Weighted blankets should be customized to fit the person who will use them. We make 4 ft. and 5 ft. blankets with lower weights for younger children and with higher weights for adults to use over their laps or on the couch. Twin, full, and queen/king blankets are made to fit on the top of a mattress. Different weights are offered to accommodate occupational therapy weight recommendations. Therapists recommend 10% of body weight plus 1-2 lbs for children. They say adults can use that formula and add an additional 5-10 lbs but we find the majority of our orders for adults are placed between 5 and 8% of body weight. (Keep in mind, queen/king blankets are two twins side by side, so a 20 lb queen/king puts 10 lbs on each side of the bed.) imagejpeg_1 20180629_143022_wp Q: Why are some weighted blankets cheaper than the ones you offer? We do research on all blankets. We have found several different reasons some are offered cheaper than ours. 1. They are spot clean only. Ours are completely machine washable and dryable. We had one customer so relieved after finding out his dog peed on his wife’s blanket! 2. The weight is not evenly distributed throughout the blanket. Some blankets are made with beads that float throughout the whole blanket, making it difficult to keep the weight on you while you sleep. Our blankets have pockets that are 6-7 inch squares with an even weight of beads filling each square. The pockets are filled row by row and sewn down to make sure the weight is evenly distributed across your body. 3. The fabric options are limited. Many companies sell minky bottom blankets. Everyone loves that soft dotted fabric that’s on tons of baby blankets, right? Wrong. Some people love the texture, some hate it. Some people find it too warm. Many other companies sell flannel bottom blankets, which some also find too warm. We offer minky and flannel, flannel being a little easier on the wallet, as well as cotton bottom blankets, for those who are naturally warm-bodied. Embroidery P.S. Most companies don’t offer embroidery personalization.  We do. And it’s complimentary. FB_IMG_1553371594799 P.S.S. We even ship to military addresses out of the country… and sometimes, your working dog claims your blanket as his own. 20180221_204115

P.S.S.S. It’s okay if you and your other half have different taste in fabrics.  We’ve got you both covered with our queen/king blankets.

Q: Why should I buy a blanket from you? We believe that weighted blankets are treasures that everyone should be able to own. We are the only company (that we know of) that accepts payment plans for blankets. We work together as a family to draw even squares on each fabric, practice our math skills to calculate the weight of the beads in each square, sew the fabrics together and hand fill each square. We wash each blanket before it ships out to its new home and ask for pictures so we can share your happiness when it arrives. We don’t earn a lot of money from each blanket. What money we do earn we put towards our children’s art programs and the various charities we support throughout the year. Bringing others happiness brings us happiness. 20180622_104926 With that said, we have placed one blanket from each of our inventory sizes (4 ft., 5 ft., and twin) on a 40% off sale this week. It doesn’t matter which weight you choose. It’s a savings between $24 and $70, depending on the length and weight you select. If these three aren’t your jam, we’ll list three more next week.

4 ft.

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5 ft.

Buy me here for $45 – $69!

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Buy me here for $63 – $105!

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For more information, check out our FAQ and our guide on how to pick the perfect blanket for you.  If you are still unsure of what you’d like, we are always happy to answer any additional questions you have for us. – Justin & Ryne

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