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Our Weighted Blanket Story & Deals of the Week!

Raise your hand if you haven’t slept in years.  Raise your hand if you had a child that didn’t outgrow that newborn schedule.  Raise your hand if you’ve felt consumed by stress or anxiety.  If you’ve raised your hand, pull up a seat and grab your coffee.  We’ve got a story to which you may be able to relate.

When our youngest child was born, we came up with 1,001 excuses to make ourselves believe we would someday sleep through the night again.  We chalked sleeplessness up to breastfeeding.  We sympathized with him on long restless nights with the nonstop ear infections. We accepted the lack of sleep as part of him being the youngest and accepting his role as such in the family. In fact, our sleep trackers often looked like this. ->

When he was 3, he still didn’t sleep. We’d calculate our own bedtime, knowing if we went to sleep at 10 PM, we’d have 2 hours of sleep before the first time he got up. Like clockwork, he was awake at midnight, 2, 3, 4, and 5, before getting up for the day at 6:30.

20191012_105502 20180105_153016 Shortly after he turned 4, he was diagnosed with autism.  Our occupational therapist recommended the boys get weighted blankets.  My jaw dropped.  You see, our youngest son, barely wears clothes.  For years, we were able to get clothes on him in public but shoes and socks were out of the question.  The day we found dino slippers we cheered for progress.  I couldn’t imagine him tolerating a weighted blanket. IMG_1506465523263 20170316_081246 While waiting for the insurance to approve these blankets, I made the boys blankets. They took a ton of time to make when learning to do it for the first time. They were worth it though. This little dude proudly toted his Mickey blanket everywhere, and 3 years later, refuses to give it up even though he has one that’s better suited for his weight now. When his blanket arrived, I decided to try it out for 5 minutes since he was already in bed. Ten hours later, I woke up.  I went straight back to the sewing machine, sewed another one, and shipped it to Justin on deployment. He, too, refuses to give it up.  There isn’t a single night any of the six of us sleeps without a weighted blanket on us.

Today, we have over 10 blankets in our home.  Kids grow and need heavier blankets (our kids don’t like to let go of anything they hold near and dear to their heart). We have made over 200 blankets that live in other homes all over the world (we ship to military addresses overseas!). We sell something we truly believe in the benefit of and that’s something that we cannot put a value on.

We’d like to acknowledge that without the once-wild, now-perfect suggestion from our unbelievably knowledgeable, brilliant, and talented occupational therapist, this family of six would all be sleeping a lot less.  In addition to sleep, she provided us with parent training on emotional regulation, sensory strategies, music therapy, and food therapy.  If anyone in North San Diego County is in need of OT, ST, or PT services, we strongly recommend Next Steps Pediatric Therapy.  Tell them we sent you!

With our blanket deal last week, we posted a blog, addressing some answers to questions we often get about our blankets.  You can visit that post here to read more and stop by our guide for picking out a blanket that’s perfect for you.

This week, we have placed one blanket from each of our inventory sizes (4 ft., 5 ft., and twin) on a 40% off sale this week. It doesn’t matter which weight you choose. It’s a savings between $26 and $74, depending on the length and weight you select. If these three aren’t your jam, we’ll list three more next week.

4 ft.

Buy me here for $39 – $63.

5 ft.

Buy me here for $51 – $75.


Buy me here for $69 – $111.

As always, if you have more questions or want to talk to us directly, please feel free to contact us.  You can reach us by text (908)305-9810, by e-mail jredwardspdc@gmail.com, or by Facebook message.  We are always happy to help.

Justin & Ryne

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