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Why in the world would anyone want anything that weighed them down?

That was my first thought when it was recommended to us that “weighted blankets” would potentially be helpful to our children with autism diagnoses that struggle with sensory processing disorder.  Another day, another blog post, I’ll elaborate on SPD.

When one of the blankets arrived, the kids were asleep before I opened the box.  I hadn’t tried the ones I made myself prior to receiving the ones the insurance had covered.  Unable to fathom how a weighted blanket could provide comfort but always willing to try before I write something off, I covered myself with the 7 pound minky-backed blanket.  I woke up ten hours later at 6 am.

After this experience, I wondered if other people besides those with sensory struggles and tired moms could benefit from them.  I decided to make a few more.  I sent one to Justin during his deployment, another Marine he worked with, my niece, my friends’ kids.

After a while, I received messages from friends:

  • “I have terrible anxiety. My legs are restless at night. Do you think you could make me a blanket?”
  • “My husband has PTSD.  He does not sleep because of it.  I want you to make him a blanket.”
  • “I’m an insomniac.  I want to try seeing if a weighted blanket will help me sleep.”
  • “My son has ADHD.  He doesn’t sit still at school.  Can you make him one that he can take to school with him?”

It was when weighted blankets came into this house that sleep commenced again.  It had been 4.5 years since we had slept through a night.


I decided to continue making weighted blankets when I saw the price tag of the blanket the insurance covered. $199.95 for a 7 pound blanket. Surely, I could find a way to give more people access to these blankets.  & that’s what we did.

Would you even like a weighted blanket?

I meet a lot of people that are hesitant about buying a weighted blanket.  Believe me, I get it.  They aren’t cheap.  Buying one unsure of whether or not you’ll appreciate it is like buying a stick-shift car when you’ve only ever driven automatics.  Will you even be able to use it?

It’s hard to give you an answer since every person is different.  I am typically pretty claustrophobic but I sit here now, with my keyboard on top of my 12 pound weighted blanket that my daughter often steals from me.

I came up with a way to help you figure this out.


Weighted Lap Pads

Our weighted lap pads are 16″x20″ or 18″x24″.  They come in 2-5 pounds and cost $25-$35 based on the weight inside of them.  They are an ideal way to test drive that expensive item before buying.  This way, you can avoid our early mistakes, specifically the one we talk to our customers about incessantly.  Which fabric do I choose?


Up above is how we started. The blue blanket is where we are now.

It would have been wise to consider that Justin’s body temperature is at least 20 degrees warmer than mine at all times.  Minky was not a good option for him, particularly since we rarely use AC in SoCal at night.  Cotton batik (blue blanket) was the best choice for him as the fabric is always cool to the touch.

20180629_143022_wp 20180629_142921_wp


We are giving away a 2 pound weighted lap pad once we reach 325 fans on Facebook

The winner will be able to choose cotton, flannel, and/or minky fabrics from our lap pad inventory.


  1. Leave a comment on this post.  Let us know what kind of fabrics you hope to pick if you win.
  2. Visit our Facebook to find this photo.  Drop a comment, tag a friend, or share the post.
  3. Visit us on Instagram to find this post. Drop a comment or tag a friend.
  4. Invite your friends to follow us on Facebook.  We will give a lap pad away as soon as we reach 325 fans!

4 thoughts on “Weighted Lap Pad Giveaway”

  1. I am so grateful you are making the mini’s too…I use them in my classroom, and I am going to order some for the new school year. 😘😘😘
    Ox Kim

  2. Kelsey Burton

    If we win I think we’d go with a minky fabric. I have been wanting to get one to try for Scarlett since the DP told us about it. But they are so expensive. I didn’t even know insurance covered these! You will definitely have to tell me more about this. I feel like a loss puppy in this autism world. It’s all so new 😳

    1. Our insurance used to cover them but made a change to the policy in May 2018 stating they will no longer cover sensory integration therapy items, which include weighted blankets. We are working on a solution to offer even bigger discounts on our blankets to military families since we found this out last month. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and leave comments there to gain more entries!

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